Paris Airport Parking

Parking at the Charles de Gaulle airport is quite easy and there are several lots that you can use to park your car if you’re going to be going out on a flight or you’ll be at the airport for a while. Here are all of the parking zones that you can use at the Charles de Gaulle airport:
Parking Lot P1
Parking Lot P3
Parking Lot PAB
Parking Lot PCD
Parking Lot PEF
Parking Lot PG
Parking Lot P3 Resa
Parking Lot PR
Parking Lot PX

Pick Up and Drop Off

If you are picking up or dropping off passengers and only need very short term parking, you can use the open-air parking lots. These parking lots are located very close to all 3 terminals and can be used temporarily for picking up or dropping off passengers. This is by far the best option if you are only there for a very short amount of time.

Paris Airport

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