Paris Airport Train

Yet another option for getting from Paris-CDG to the heart of the city is by taking a ride on one of the region’s fast and reliable trains that regularly service the airport.

Taking the train also has the benefit of being one of the least expensive options for getting into Paris from the airport, especially compared to taxis or rental cars.

If you’re going to use this route, once you’ve landed at the airport and have collected your luggage you should head to the train station stops located in both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Look for the signs directing you to the RER “B” train, known as the blue line, which is the suburban commuter train that includes stops at the airport on its way into Paris. Should your airplane land in Terminal 1 then you should follow the signs for the free airport shuttle train that connects to Terminal 3, where you will be able to board the RER B train.

Once you’re at the station in either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, approach the kiosk to buy a ticket from a vendor or use one of the blue ticket machines to purchase your ticket. Expect to pay €10 one way per adult, or €6 one way for children, while children aged 4 and under can travel for free.

Trains run fairly regularly at intervals or roughly 20 minutes so you’ll never have to wait too long for your ride into Paris. And another benefit of the train is that it operates most of the day, so regardless of the time of your flight you should usually be able to catch a service. Operating hours are roughly from about 4.45am Monday through Sunday, with the last service leaving just before midnight.

After you get on board, the ride will take about 50 minutes depending on which train station in the city you’ll be exiting at. The train stops at several busy central Parisian stations, so you’ll have plenty of options. Stops in the city include Gare du Nord, Saint Michel-Notre Dame, Port Royal and more so consult a map of the blue line to decide the best stop for getting off once in Paris.

One the train ride is over you can then take a taxi or walk to your hotel or whatever your final destination is. This is one of the only few potentially negative aspects of taking the train; if you do not want to have to carry your luggage a lot then you might want to choose a taxi or shared ride service that will take you from door to door from the airport to your final destination. On the train you will need to carry bags up and down several steps, and once you leave the train in Paris, so be aware of that need — though elevators are available at the airport station to help.

Paris Airport

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